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Matt Hunter,

Owner, Hunter Security & Surveillance Systems

Thank you for your interest in the customized surveillance camera system and security solutions I offer. My name is Matt Hunter and I look forward to working with you.

My customers are my lifeblood and my personal values are honesty and integrity.

This is a powerful statement, but yes, it is truly how I feel about my customers who purchase my security solutions and services. I am the owner of Hunter Security & Surveillance Systems; my tag line is “Keeping You Safe and Secure.” This tag line is the underlying foundation for the products I sell, installation I perform, and the highest level of customer service I deliver.

Security and Surveillance has been my life for the past fourteen years and something I was interested in even while attending college, studying electronics engineering. One of my passions is staying current with new product developments, new technology and keeping my technical skills current through advanced training. My goal is to continuously bring these new innovations to the commercial and residential communities I serve. I conduct research on new security solutions in my own home before offering them to my customers to ensure their functionality and quality.

I take the time to facilitate a personal appointment to review your facility or home to provide a customized and comprehensive cost-effective solution that can protect business property, your assets, your people and/or your family. I take a vested interest in the people that choose to work with me and pride in the security solutions I provide.

As a husband, father, home and business owner I know the importance first hand of keeping those I love safe and secure.

Why Choose Hunter Security & Surveillance Systems?

We take a vested interest in each and every customer and the security solutions and surveillance camera system customized to meet your safety and security needs. Here’s what you get:

Thorough system testing 

Systems integration and applications engineering 

Certified installation and quality control 

User training

Consulting with an experienced security professional provides unparalleled peace of mind.

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Trust us to keep your people, premises and property safe and secure.