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Central Station Monitoring

The Stages SGS platform: Secure, Fast and Flexible

USA uses the Stages SGS Platform. This automation system takes the art of monitoring to new levels of professionalism. Action plans lead our operators through a scripted step-by-step process, insuring that your customers get the best central station monitoring service possible. Stages is secure and provides a variety of automated services for our installing partners in a redundant environment. Developed in 2007, USA partnered with Stages and was the first company to deploy this automation system. SGS has since been adopted by a number of top service providers. USA continues to work with SGS as new technologies develop.

Automated Notification

USA Central Station’s Automated Notification has been designed for speed and flexibility. It allows you and /or your customer to receive a customized text, fax or email message each time the intrusion detection system alarm panel is activated. This feature is an easy and inexpensive way for you to add value to the services you offer your customers.

AlertCom USA Answering Service

Our answering service allows your calls to be answered by our trained central station monitoring professionals. The goal is superior customer service. They are not just message takers but can also access your accounts and cancel alarms if necessary.

Subscriber Service Agreement

Intrusion Detection System

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